The Best Hiking Trails in British Columbia

Originally posted August 10, 2017 – Abby Cooper

Living in a province that is chock-full of endless exploration opportunities means that selecting the best hiking trails in British Columbia is a daunting task. There are so many views and destinations of epic proportion that it seems wild to showcase just a few. So how did we come up with our list of the best hiking trails in British Columbia exactly? Great question. Each featured hike is “the best” for a different reason including varied approach, length, views, destination or camping opportunities. MUMMERY GLACIER [BLAEBERRY VALLEY] Distance: 4.5km round trip + 14km round trip biking Elevation: 710m on foot + 250m on bike A doozy of an outing, the Mummery Glacier hike will leave you out of breath for multiple reasons. Located in the Blaeberry Valley, just west of Golden BC, Mummery Glacier is part of the well-known Columbia Icefields. If the beaten path is your cup of tea this hike isn’t for you. You’ll need a vehicle with good clearance, a bike and some legs ready to gain some serious elevation! Ascending nearly a vertical kilometre is not for the faint of heart. To get this adventure rolling, you’ll drive to the end of the Blaeberry main FSR and begin your bike ride. The road used to continue to the trailhead but a massive flood in the early 2000s washed out the road, and this is why a bike is needed – small trails exist on the newly carved banks that are bike-able. While biking, a plethora of cascading waterfalls will come into view, along with the stunning hanging glacier above. The hike will take some careful route-finding skills but will lead you right to a refreshing ice wall and a series of alpine tarns perfect for cooling down. A more detailed description of this hike can be found on Tourism Golden and Crowfoot Media’s website for reference. Know Before You Go Glacial travel is required to summit the mountain. A rewarding journey but only recommended for those with extensive ice travel experience. This is a very remote location, plan appropriately and carry a radio or satellite phone in case of emergency. You’re in grizzly country! Read the full article

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