Saturday , August 18 2018
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Bid to expropriate land for trail in Greensville being called ‘heavy handed’

Tempers are rising in the Greensville community over the Hamilton Conservation Authority’s proposal to expropriate land to restore a hiking trail.

The authority is looking at re-opening a path between Tews Falls and Webster’s Falls but residents with properties in the area say in the past it proved too close for comfort.

“People who have been naked, and the typical stuff that all of Greensville residents endure, which is urinating and defecating on lawns, having picnics on lawns,” Mark Osborne, with the group, Preserve and Protect Webster’s and Tew’s Falls, said.

He says expropriation of properties for the trail in question would be a heavy-handed approach, that could be avoided.

“I know the landowners are more than willing to allow people to use the old trail that is directly on the edge of the old escarpment.”

The secondary trail has been poorly maintained he says, but with staff supervision, it could provide a viable solution.

City Coun. Robert Pasuta says he has been hearing from both sides.

“There is a couple options they can be looking at, the lawyers, but I’m not at liberty to discuss those,” he said.

Osborne says there is a feeling that residents have been left out of the discussion.

He says his group plans to protest a meeting on the issue Thursday.

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