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News for Canadians who travel abroad

Tourist Industry Is Back in Latin America

Latin America celebrates the National Hispanic American Heritage Month with good news for its tourism industry which is beginning to show signs of recovery, and in some cases, such as Puerto Vallarta, a Mexican destination known as the Green Pearl of the Pacific, there is no longer talk of recovery …

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Barbados Drops All COVID-19 Travel Protocols

Barbados has announced the removal of all remaining COVID-related entry protocols. As of Friday, September 23, Barbados will no longer implement testing requirements for entering the country, regardless of vaccination status. Additionally, the wearing of face masks is now optional and is only mandatory for individuals working in and visiting …

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Discovering the Unique World of Argentinean Gastronomy

Argentine cuisine has its origins in the culinary traditions of the pre-Columbian Andean and Guaraní civilizations, with later contributions from colonial gastronomy and significant influences from Italian and Spanish cuisine. Beef is the main protagonist of Argentine cuisine and is accompanied by various salads, potatoes, and rice. Potatoes and sweet …

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Panama Removes All Entry Restrictions

Panama became the latest country to announce it is dropping its COVID-related travel restrictions. As pointed out by the website Travel Off Path, Panama will welcome tourists again with no vaccine requirements, no pre-departure tests, no post-arrival tests, and no quarantine once visitors have landed in the country. It’s a …

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Flights pricing instability

Everyone is very well aware that air tickets pricing has always been an almost obscure science. From the various letters that correspond to the different fares (not to be confused with flight classes!), to the most recent introduction of ancillary services, it is often difficult for travelers to understand what …

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