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California Ski Resorts Extend Season in Wake of Record Snowfall


This might be the only good thing that has come out of the storms that have hit the Midwest and West in the last month, especially California, which has seen a remarkable amount of snowfall.

According to CNN, the record amount of snow has been a godsend to ski resorts in and around the valleys.

In fact, the ski resorts plan to stay open through June, which is far later than normal.

Perhaps the best-known of the California ski resorts, Mammoth Mountain, is just five inches away from breaking the all-time record for snowfall.

Mammoth communications director Lauren Burke told CNN over email that “we aim to keep lifts spinning until as long as conditions allow, which definitely could go into August this season. Spring skiing and riding conditions are going to be the best we’ve ever seen with the mountain in mid-winter form.”

Out of the face of what has mostly been a tragedy with the record amount of snow and the subsequent flooding comes a slice of good news for the economy, and it comes from the tourism sector. Many people love to ski, but it’s hard to get to Lake Tahoe or Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. That’s the beauty of Southern California, where you can ski in the morning and be at the beach in the afternoon.

And it’s not just skiing. It’s snowboarding and much more.

At Palisades Tahoe on the border of California and Nevada, the resort announced it would continue to have skiing and outdoor facilities until at least the July 4 weekend.

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