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How To Stay Safe When Traveling in Europe This Summer


Before we even get started, it can’t be stressed enough that Europe is an incredibly safe place to travel. European countries dominate any list of the safest countries in the world and each year, millions of Americans visit Europe and have the time of their lives without so much as a minor incident. 

But that doesn’t mean that nothing bad can happen to you on a trip across the pond.

While violent crime on the scale of that in the United States simply doesn’t exist in Europe, annoyances and criminal incidents of the petty variety do occasionally affect travelers. 

So while it can’t be stressed enough how safe the continent is, it’s also worth taking note of some Europe safety tips and things you can do to be even more secure while traveling there. Remember, things can happen anywhere and furthermore, when you travel anywhere abroad, despite your best efforts, you’re going to stick out as a traveler, and that inevitably makes you a bit of a target—especially around famous tourist attractions. 

Click on the slideshow for 15 safety tips and ways to stay safe in Europe this summer.


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