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TIME Magazine Reveals World’s Greatest Places of 2023


From the lush Caribbean island of Dominica to the snowy slopes of St. Moritz, Switzerland, TIME Magazine has revealed its list of the top 50 World’s Greatest Places of 2023, featuring a curated list of emerging destinations, spectacular cities and hidden gems that travelers should consider adding to their travel bucket lists.

Chosen by expert correspondents and contributors, the World’s Greatest Places of 2023 are sure to offer breathtaking beauty, incredible culture and plenty to explore this year. The full list of winners is organized by region of the world below, but check out TIME Magazine’s original publication to learn more about each destination.

North America & The Caribbean

— Dominica
— Churchill, Manitoba
— Vancouver, British Columbia
— Willamette Valley, Oregon
— Yosemite National Park, California
— Bozeman, Montana
— Tampa, Florida
— Tucson, Arizona
— Washington, D.C.
— Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Central & South America

— Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
— Roatán, Honduras
— Medellín, Colombia
— Mexico City, Mexico
— Pantanal, Brazil
— Guadalajara, Mexico
— Ollantaytambo, Peru


— Barcelona, Spain
— Aarhus, Denmark
— Sylt, Germany
— Budapest, Hungary
— Naples, Italy
— Vienna, Austria
— Berat, Albania
— Dijon, France
— Pantelleria, Italy
— St. Moritz, Switzerland
— Timisoara, Romania

Africa & The Middle East

— Aqaba, Jordan
— Musanze, Rwanda
— Giza and Saqqara, Egypt
— Freetown Peninsula, Sierra Leone
— Dakar, Senegal
— Rabat, Morocco
— Loango National Park, Gabon
— The Red Sea, Saudi Arabia
— Chyulu Hills, Kenya
— Jerusalem, Israel
— Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Asia & The Pacific

— Ladakh, India
— Kyoto, Japan
— Luang Prabang, Laos
— Mayurbhanj, India
— Isan, Thailand
— Kangaroo Island, Australia
— Jeju Island, South Korea
— Phuket, Thailand
— Brisbane, Australia
— Nagoya, Japan
— Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia

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