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‘Record-breaking year:’ Winnipeg tourism outlook looking optimistic


Since pandemic restrictions were lifted, more Manitobans are looking to get out and explore.

While some are eager to get on a plane, others are continuing to explore the province.

“It’s a time to see what’s in your own backyard and I think the pandemic showed us that if you haven’t had the chance to go check out a play at MTC or check out Qaumajuq they have exhibits all the time,” Tourism Winnipeg vice-president Natalie Thiesen said.

CAA Manitoba says it is seeing pent-up demand for both domestic and international trips.

“Travelling in Manitoba is also busy after two years of lockdowns, and we expect another busy travel year for 2023,” CAA Manitoba regional vice president Susan Postma said.

Tourism Winnipeg says the industry is bouncing back quickly. Strong hotel demand in 2022 puts an optimistic outlook on 2023.

“It was kind of a record-breaking year. It surpassed 2019 levels in terms of occupancy, visitation, and also faring well in terms of the average daily rate,” Thiesen said.

These strong tourism trends fare well for Winnipeg which has a major international event on the horizon.

“The biggest event Winniepg has ever held, the World Police and Fire Games this summer in Winnipeg,” Thiesen said. “We are ready to welcome the world and athletes to the city from every corner of the globe.”

If you have the itch to travel and explore, there’s no shortage of activities in Winnipeg, Manitoba and beyond.


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