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Spallumcheen couple proposes mountain adventure park on Highway 97A

The rural community of Spallumcheen could soon be home to a new tourist attraction, compete with a zip line and an alpine coaster.

Spallumcheen couple Jack and Patti Wood are proposing to create a “mountain adventure park” along Highway 97A by the spring of next year.

Patti Wood said the 250-acre, mountain-side property where they plan to build has been in the Wood family for generations, and the majority of the land is mountainous and not suitable for farming.

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“We want to be able to hand this property down to our grand-kids and future generations, but we have to find a way to make that viable,” Wood said.

Wood believes the attraction will put the community of Spallumcheen on the map for tourists, create a stronger tax base for the township and bring jobs to the community.

Spallumcheen bills itself as a place “where farming comes first,” but Wood believes this won’t take away from the area’s farming character.

She points out the project won’t be built on farm land and says the existing farm land on the property won’t be impacted by the proposed adventure park.

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“What we are doing is going to create very little impact on the land. Our focus is to leave the property as intact as absolutely possible,” Wood said.

“Our kids and grand-kids play on this mountain, and we want to leave it that way for others to be able to enjoy.”

She said approval from the township is needed to move forward with the project.

Wood said a public hearing on the proposal is planned at the Spallumcheen municipal hall on Tuesday night.

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