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White water rapids near Winnipeg? Add this to your summer bucket list

When you think about Manitoba rivers, you may not envision white water rapids and adrenaline-pumping currents, but you can find that just outside of Winnipeg.

The Whitemouth River is a little over an hour’s drive east of Winnipeg. It’s a hidden gem that offers tranquil passages as well as white water waves to wrestle with.

There’s even an access point to some slip-and-slide rapids at the .

In fact, the river is so accessible by road, it makes for an easy summer getaway.

PHOTO GALLERY: view images of the white-water experience on the Whitemouth River

Winnipeg-based Twin River Travel’s head guide Liam McKinnon said the rapids on the river are a class two.

“In Manitoba you can get everything. Rapids range in their classification from one to five, with five being the hardest and a six meaning impossible,” he said.

“A level two isn’t going to have anything that’s very big. In larger classed rapids you’re going to see waves and features that are large so when you go into them with a boat they’re going to fill it,” McKinnon said.

is starting day trips down the river starting in July.

Co-owner Tristan Schneider said the river is the perfect gateway to testing white water rapids.

“You’re just completely connected to the river. You’re in nature flying through the rushing rivers of Manitoba and on top of all that it’s just fun and adrenaline filled,” he said.

Schneider hopes more Winnipeggers will start appreciating the adventures available right in their own backyard.

“People really don’t realize what is outside of Winnipeg, what is in Manitoba. People feel like they have to travel all the way down to Florida or down to B.C. to get these incredible experiences but really all of these things are in Manitoba,” he said.

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