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10 Latin American Destinations to Enjoy This Winter


Although in our imagination, we associate snow with countries in the northern hemisphere such as the United States and Canada, there are Latin American countries where it is also possible to appreciate attractive landscapes bathed in white, at affordable prices, and with very different food.

Here are 10 notable destinations with these characteristics.

Urubici, Santa Catarina, Brazil

This city, surrounded by mountains, sierras, and immense rock formations, is one of the coldest in Brazil. Urubici is part of the well-known route of the Snow Road, which takes tourists to many municipalities where winter is characterized by white snow most winter seasons. Urubici is one of the most economical destinations, being one of the least contested.

Arriving there, visitors can let themselves be carried away by the charm of the landscapes formed by the pine trees. There are architectural ensembles with a characteristic fragrance from the kitchens, specializing in delicacies inherited from German and Italian immigrants.

Tecate, Baja California

This is one of the Magical Towns of Mexico that borders the U.S. It is distinguished by its colonial style, natural diversity, relaxing spaces and atmosphere.

During your visit to Tecate, you can witness the Christmas mood that takes place there, walk the wine route, relax in temazcales and spas where you will find wellness services, as well as trekking in Rumorosa, where you can stay in a cabin and see how the landscape is painted white by the falling snow.

Villa La Angostura, Argentina

In Argentina, the leading winter destination is usually Bariloche. Still, there are other cities nearby where you can enjoy the snowy landscapes, such as Villa La Angostura, in the region of Los Lagos, within Argentine Patagonia. Its ski slopes are concentrated in Cerro Bayo, where visitors have a complete infrastructure for this sport.

Tepotzotlan, Mexico

Close to the Mexican capital is Tepotzotlan, another of the country’s Magical Towns. It’s adorned with Christmas charm to welcome its inhabitants and visitors. Here you can enjoy the traditional pastorelas (comic theater sketches around Christmas) that have been held for 50 years while enjoying a hot punch, wind music, mariachis, pinatas, and an exquisite Mexican dinner.

San Martin de los Andes, Argentina

Also close to Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes is another good economical option for those who want to enjoy the snow in South America. Unlike Villa La Angostura, it is a larger city and better prepared to receive tourists from the region. Surrounded by Lake Lakar, this destination has its main attraction in Cerro Chapelco. The resorts here attract skiers from all over the world, both professionals and beginners.

Arteaga, Coahuila

Among pine forests and apple tree valleys is Arteaga, a magical Mexican town distinguished by its landscapes and peaks that are covered with snow during the winter. This place is considered by many as ‘The Switzerland of Mexico’ due to its snowy scenery. Here, visitors can practice ecotourism and adventure activities such as rappel, biking, trekking, snowboarding, and skiing.

Junin de los Andes, Argentina

In Bariloche’s surroundings, another destination that enchants visitors is the city of Junín de los Andes. There, the ski resorts are very close to the central hotels in the region, which makes life easier for travelers who want a little more comfort during their winter vacations since it is possible to stay just a few minutes away from the main tourist attractions in the region.

Tlalpujahua, Mexico

In this mining town in Michoacan, Mexico, you will also find a variety of spheres made with blown glass and workshops where you can learn about the manufacture of them. It is a typical Mexican town: zocalo, and around this site, there are restaurants, cafes, and stores to buy Mexican handicrafts.

Pucon, Chile

This city around the Villarica Volcano welcomes tourists with ski resorts and offers other activities, from thermal baths to boat rides on the region’s lakes.

Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico

Experience Christmas from one of Mexico’s most beautiful natural wonders, the Copper Canyon, where winter paints the magnificent panorama in white. In Creel, you will not only find beautiful landscapes, but you can also practice trekking, mountain biking, and climbing. Although if you are looking for a quieter experience, you can visit Arareco Lake or travel to El Chepe, a railroad where you can pick up your luggage.


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