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22 Cities Where Prices Fall During Autumn


With kids back in school and most people’s work schedules back in full swing, fall can often be a great time to snag travel discounts.

The combination of fewer travelers, changing weather and the holidays fast approaching often translates into fall being a great time to tick a few destinations off your travel bucket list, according to Hipmunk.

With that in mind, Hipmunk analyzed a year’s worth of round-trip airfare bookings to identify the places around the globe where travelers can best take advantage of seasonal savings and spend some time abroad.

The site came up with 22 cities that, as of October and November, are relative bargains compared to peak travel seasons and times.

Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, topped the list of bargain destinations, coming in at a staggering 78 percent cheaper during October, with the lowest average price of an airline ticket being around $1883.

Second on the list was Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, a destination that’s 67 percent cheaper to visit during November, as compared to peak season. That translates into ticket costs at the lowest end being about $1080, according to Hipmunk.

Rounding out the top five fall bargain destinations were Auckland, New Zealand (63 percent cheaper); Brussels, Belgium (also 63 percent cheaper) and Moscow, Russia (58 percent cheaper).

Other notable cities on the list include Osaka, Japan (a typically pricey destination) at 57 percent cheaper and Cape Town, South Africa, at 55 percent cheaper.

If some of Europe’s iconic destinations are on your bucket list, there’s plenty of options on that front as well.

A round-trip ticket to Berlin, Germany is 42 percent cheaper in November. Want to visit Amsterdam in the Netherlands? It’s about 28 percent cheaper come November. Paris and Rome are also among the bargain European options, coming in at 20 percent and 19 percent cheaper respectively.

The savings percentages identified by Hipmunk for each destination are based on maximum monthly pricing per respective city, and the full report is available on the Hipmunk site.


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