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A Journey Through Mexico City’s Coffee Shops


Mexico is a country with an excellent coffee-growing tradition. This beverage is so essential that an entire culture and identity have developed around the bean and its industry. The coffee bean is cultivated on 761 thousand hectares throughout the country in a dozen different states.

Coffee is produced in 12 states of the Mexican Republic, located in the central-southern part of the country. These states are: Colima, Chiapas, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Nayarit, Oaxaca, Puebla, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, Tabasco and Veracruz.

In Mexico City, 44 coffee shops have joined forces to promote coffee consumption with a passport that will immerse consumers in the world of coffee through a route that will take them to the best coffee bars in Mexico City. The objective is to strengthen the work of small farmers, roasters, tasters, and baristas.

Tasting a Good Cup of Coffee

The Todos por el Cafe movement promotes this initiative. The aim is to recognize the collective work and the impulse generated by coffee producers and all those who are part of the coffee value chain.

With the passport, national and foreign tourists can trace a route through the 44 participating establishments to get to know the city while tasting a good cup of coffee.

“We made a passport for people to make a tour through different coffee shops. We want to promote the consumption of coffee from the field to the cup. The objective is to arrive, buy the passport and collect the stamps. It has a touristic, social, and business vision”, mentioned Ricardo Otero, president of CANIRAC Tlalpan and founder of Cafe Galeno.

The passport costs 6 dollars (125 pesos) and can be purchased at participating establishments. These are the different districts and coffee shops where you can find Mexican coffee and a relaxed atmosphere.


For example, in the Benito Juárez district, you can see the mural of the Poliforum Siqueiros in the WTC. You can also visit the Parque de Los Venados and the Parque Hundido.

—Cafe Fuera de Este Mundo. Yacatas 291, Narvarte

—Adelitas. Vertiz 669 C, Narvarte

—Almanegra. 420 Universidad Ave. 420, Narvarte

—Almanegra. 203 C. Balboa St., Portales Norte

—Alquimia. Torres Adalid 1515, Narvarte

—Cafe Fuerte. Xola 1301, Narvarte

—Cultumkali. Uxmal 341, Narvarte

—Destino. Pilares 1305, Letran Valle

—Fenomeno Cafe. Edzna 144. Letran Valle

—Hey! Brew Bar Cafe. Texas 81, Naples

—Kinoo. Altadena 54, Napoles


You can visit this district’s National Museum of Anthropology, the Chapultepec Forest, and the Soumaya Museum.

—Almanegra. Prosperidad 37, Escandon

—Amargo. Mutualismo 64, Escandon

—Blend Station. Horacio 257, Polanco

—Camino a Comala. Aquiles Serdan 106, Angel Zimbron


In this district, you can visit many museums in the south of the city. Still, the Frida Kahlo, the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo, and the Museo Anahuacalli are not to be missed.

—Coffee and Tea Quiero. Arquitectura 55, Copilco

—Casa Caffeina, Cerro de las Palomas 3, Copilco

—El Refin. Cuauhtemoc 184, Del Carmen

—Cafe Galeno. Rancho de la Herradura, Calz. Las Bombas 132


The Cuauhtémoc district includes the Historical Center, and there are dozens of sites, but we highlight these: the Palace of Fine Arts, the Alameda, the Zocalo, and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

—Almanegra. Tonala 53, Colima

—Anvil. Zamora 79, Condesa

—Bello Cafe. Carpio 158, Sta. Maria la Ribera

—Centrina. Plaza San Juan 15, Centro

—Cumbe 82 Monterrey St., Roma

—Cabrita Cafe. Orozco y Becerra 188, Sta. Maria la Ribera

—Curado. Sinaloa 10, Roma

—Deseo, Merida 26, Roma

—Efimero. Aguascalientes 206, Condesa

—Gradios. Luis Moya 115, Centro

—Jose Rosas. Sta. María la Ribera 126

—Memories of a Barista. Frontera 83, Roma

—Mimo. Amores 1403, Del Valle

—Paradigma. San Luis Potosi 188, Roma

—Q Pedro Pablo. Durango 108, Roma


The Alvaro Obregon district has two gems: Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo and the Desierto de Los Leones.

—Diaz de Cafe, Calle de la Amargura 5, San Angel, San Angel

—Esencial, Sagredo 253, Guadalupe Inn

—Cafe Revolucion. Revolucion 1905, San Angel


Another southern area offers a bit of adrenaline at the Six Flags theme park, a cultural tour of the Cuicuilco archaeological site, or a hike through the Ajusco

—La Serrana. Line 4, Fuentes del Pedregal

—Cafe Galeno. Fray Pedro de Gante 59, Belisario Dominguez

—Cafe Galeno. Calzada de Tlalpan 4717, Toriello Guerra


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