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A Village Made Entirely of Ice in Japan Offers Winter Wonderland

Japan may be best known for its historic temples and legendary Mount Fuji, but starting in December, it will also offer travelers a unique winter wonderland to explore.

An ice village—complete with an Ice Chapel (built from a single piece of ice), Ice Hotel, Bar Icewood, and even ice slides—is set to debut on December 10, with a grand opening slated for January 18.

Being constructed on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido, average temps at TOMAMU’s winter night will be a brisk -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

The creators of the village have left no ice possibility unexplored. There’s even an Ice Books & Café that includes ice bookshelves, ice chairs, and a fireplace surrounded by special glass. Recommended books will available to warm you from inside while icy vegetable cheese fondue will be available for snacking. (Think: frozen vegetables served on an ice plate that can be dipped into warm cheese.)

Even children will find something entertaining to explore at this winter ice extravaganza. Among the offerings aimed at young visitors are ice instruments, ice bubble experiences, and ice glass making.

And don’t miss the ice slide, which is apparently the most popular spot in the Ice Village. Even adults are crazy about it.

Searching for still more unique experiences this winter? Check out Sweden’s unique ICEHOTEL, built each year in a tiny town 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

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