Thursday , June 1 2023
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Discovering Golden: B.C.’s hidden jewel

The crisp morning air nips at Matt Parr’s nose as he kneels on the snowy ground to give his Bear a hug.

Curled up in a ball for a snooze, the fluffy Siberian husky casually accepts his cuddles as Parr introduces the rest of his furry rescue family, lying on a long bed of straw nestled in the Columbia Valley near Golden, B.C.

Paris, a lively Alaskan Husky with electric hazel eyes, greets him with an enthusiastic hug, while big Roy continues to shy away, unsure of everyone.

“All the dogs have their quirks. They’re all really friendly with people, other than Roy with all of life,” says Parr, who’s now in his third season of operating Golden Dog Sled Adventures. “Someone said the best therapist has four legs and I totally agree. I have 14 of the best therapists.  All is calm in the peaceful mountain setting until the harnesses appear and the dogs are hooked into position to pull the two sleds that will carry two passengers and a guide. Some squeal like children running wildly through a playground. Others repeatedly jump as though they have springs in their legs.

“Are you ready?” asks my guide Amanda, as she hops onto the back of the sled to mush the team.  

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