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Finland Opens Applications for Unique Masterclass in Happiness

Masterclasses are known for offering an opportunity to hone your skills in everything from investing, and writing, to cooking and business management. And typically, these classes are led by individuals who are renowned for their expertise in the subject area.

So, it stands to reason that Finland, a country long known for having some of the happiest residents on Earth, would decide to get in on the action and offer a “Masterclass of Happiness.”

Yes, you read that right—the country is offering its services in making us all happier individuals.

Visit Finland has just announced that it is seeking applications from around the world for its upcoming “Masterclass of Happiness.” Ten lucky participants will be chosen to travel to Finland for in-person coaching on how to find their inner happiness.

Now get your pens ready, because here are the key details:

—Applications will be accepted for only a few more weeks—through April 2, to be exact.

—The master class will take place in June 2023 (so clear your calendars).

For those not up to speed on all things Finland, it’s important to understand the immense value of this opportunity. Finland, after all, has been named the world’s happiest country for five consecutive years by the World Happiness Report. And now, bless their hearts, Finlanders wants to share their secret sauce with the rest of the world.

Finland will be the first country to ever host its own masterclass. And the handful of individuals chosen to take part and visit Finland will be connected with expert coaches who will provide guidance on leading a balanced way of life that promotes happiness the “Finnish way.” Which involves what exactly, you ask? Fair question.

The coaching, according to a press releasae from Visit Finland, will cover four key themes: nature and lifestyle; health and balance; design and everyday, and food and wellbeing. While you ponder whether those themes are the key to happiness, here’s some more intriguing information. According to the Oracle Happiness Report of 2022, 45 percent of people globally have not felt true happiness in more than two years. Additionally, 25 percent don’t know or have forgotten what it means to be truly happy.

In Finland however, it is widely believe that happiness is not a mystical state, but rather, a skill that can be learned. Good to know right?

“Finss are often asked ‘Why are you so happy?’,” says Heli Jimenez, senior director, international marketing at Business Finland. “We believe Finnish happiness stems from a close relationship iwith nature and our down-to-earth lifestyle.”

Jimenez added that Finland is full of immersive experiences among nature, including energizing forests, charming lakes, and vibrant archipelago landscapes that are all perfect places to relax, unwind and get in touch with your inner happiness.

If all of that sounds right up your alley, here are more all-important details for eager happiness applicants.

—The masterclass will be held June 12 through June 15, 2023, at the Kuru Resort in Finland.

—Those chosen to participate will arrive in Finland on June 11 and depart on June 16

—The four-day class will be totally free of charge.

—Visit Finland will also cover travel expenses to and from Finland

Also important, applicants can apply individually or with one other person. (So feel free to enlist your bestie, your boyfriend, your husband…you name it.) Here is the application link.

Oh, and as for the Kuru Resort where all this happiness education will be taking place? Think luxe natural setting surrounded by fragrant pine forests and breathtaking views in Finnish Lakeland. Each guest will stay in a villa that’s been designed from the ground up with nature in mind. (One would expect no less from the nature-conscious Finland.) Each villa also includes its own personal spa and sauna.

Sounds like the perfect way to kick off your newfound happiness. Have you started your application yet?

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