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Follow Madonna to Lisbon?

a decadent egg custard tart.

Add into this mix a few new Michelin star restaurants and an excellent range of Portuguese wine, and you have a combination that would tempt any foodie worth their Himalayan sea salt to relocate.

Gorgeous Weather

Lisbon lies right in the middle of the Mediterranean weather belt, meaning you can expect mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine all year round. In fact, the city is the sunniest European capital.

While it may get a little chilly in the winter, the skies will generally stay clear. Balmy winds blowing up from Africa are never out of the question though, so you could have breakfast on your balcony in February.

Summers can certainly see extreme heat, but that just gives residents an excuse to head for the nearby seaside. Yes, that’s right, if you needed another reason to think of moving to Lisbon, there are beaches literally on its doorstep.

Captivating Culture

From the longing sound of Fado music to the fanatical fans of the two big local football teams, the culture of Lisbon is full of life.

Plenty of festivals and events fill the calendar, but none more fun than the eve of St. Anthony’s Day in June, when the entire city turns into one big fiesta. Expect overflowing glasses of sangria, more grilled sardines than you can shake a stick at and street parties that go well past sunrise.


Reports indicate that Madonna is dropping several million dollars for a mansion in the hills. While prices have definitely gone up in recent years, you won’t have to spend that kind of cash to find a home as there are still real estate values to be found when compared to other European capitals.

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