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Hawaii Introduces New Digital Health Pass for Vaccination Verification

The state of Hawaii has just introduced a digital health pass, which should come in handy for those who hope to access certain types of businesses on Oahu and Maui, which will start requiring proof of vaccination on September 13 and 15, respectively.

Hawaii’s new vaccine verification tool is conceptually and functionally similar to digital health pass systems already in use in California, New York, Louisiana and France (also referred to as vaccine passports, vaccination certificates), according to a new Travel + Leisure report.

Called the ‘Hawaii SMART Health Card’, the system is linked to the state’s immunization records database, allowing it to quickly confirm an individual’s immunization status. To enroll, users just need to head to the Hawaii Safe Travels Digital Platform to create an account, take of photo of their CDC-issued paper vaccination card and enter the corresponding information (e.g., brand of vaccine, lot numbers and dates administered).

Once those details have been matched to state vaccination records in the database, a QR code is produced that serves as your COVID-19 pass to access certain establishments—including restaurants, bars, cinemas and various other indoor venues—where patrons now need proof of vaccination to gain entry, per countywide ordinance.

There are, however, some important caveats to mention. Firstly, individuals must have gotten their inoculations in Hawaii to be eligible for enrollment, being that the system is only able to access records at the state level. Those who received their jabs through companies like as CVS or Kaiser can access their records online or retrieve a SMART Health Card by logging into their provider’s website.

Anyone vaccinated out-of-state or at sites that haven’t yet been incorporated into state databases will still need to carry either a photo of or their actual paper CDC cards, or another form of immunization proof to gain access to certain indoor businesses and establishments. Note that the Hawaii SMART Health Card cannot be used as proof of vaccination when traveling to the islands.

Governor David Ige called the program, “another step toward protecting the health and safety of our residents and visitors, while also balancing the need to support local businesses and Hawaii’s economy.”

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