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How To Do A Weekend Bike Trip in Golden


A weekend is fast approaching and all you know is that Golden, BC is a mountain biking mecca and you want to be there. What are the networks? Where do you bike? Where is the best food? Worry not, fellow mountain biker, I’ll show you the way.


Golden has everything, from child-friendly trails to hair-raising downhill and everything in-between and all of this can be accessed from your doorstep. There is no commuting to the bike networks when you visit this biking town. Looming over town on both sides of the valley are nearly two-hundred kilometres of cross country and downhill bike trails.

First, you need to find a place to stay because sleeping in your car was only fun when you were 17. Check out Golden accommodations where you will find what works for you. Now, you’ve just spent your first night after travelling and you need to eat your most important meal besides beer. Bluebird Café and Big Bend Café are my favourites for their delicious food and early starts, but Jita’s, The Whitetooth Bistro and the Island Restaurant also serve delicious breakfasts. If you are more of a coffee and a snack kind of person try Purcell Coffee or Bacchus Books Café. 


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