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Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist Program


WHY IT RATES: Travel Consultants can get a step ahead with this helpful specialist program.Codie Richards, TravelPulse Associate Editor

The Kenya Tourism Board has launched their Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist (KATS) Program. The program is an online educational tool for travel consultants based in North America.

In 2016, the US became the largest source market of travel to Kenya with 119,000 visitors, a growth of 18-percent from 2015. This achievement demonstrates the increased demand of US travelers to Kenya as well as the potential for growth.

The Kenyan Tourism Board has identified the North American travel agent community as a key driver of this success and is excited to bring the new KATS specialist platform to market.

KATS includes a compulsory module of destination overview and three elective courses:

—Safaris in Kenya: Various safari circuits throughout the country, and safaris beyond wheels, including via horseback and ballooning

—Beyond the Wilderness: Kenya offers more than just the wilderness, including various coastal activities such as surfing and scuba diving, as well as culinary offerings

—Sustainable Kenya: Shining a light on the country’s national park management, its volunteerism and sanctuaries, as well as its conservation efforts

Agents will also be able to view sample itineraries provided by North American wholesalers to help plan their client’s trips. The full program takes approximately five hours to complete.

Benefits of the program include receiving updated destination information, Kenya travel style and destination trends and fam trip opportunities.


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