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Most Active Cities in Canada, Ranked

Originally published July 28, 2017 – Jennifer Cuellar  We see you, lady with the athleisure pants and un-scuffed sneakers putting four Splendas® in your latte. And you’re not off the hook, either, guy-who-always-wears-gym-shorts-and-a-lanyard. Maybe you haven’t been to any of these active cities lately, but we think it’s time to put that sweatband and military-grade sports bra to the test in these top towns. What makes a city an active city? For our 5-point scale ranking system, we looked at a variety of factors, including but not limited to: Average number of marathons and hiking trails Access to bike paths, trails, and races Per capita gyms, including but not limited to CrossFit, yoga studios, rock climbing, etc. Abundance of outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, etc. Usually, this is the part where we say “in no particular order,” but today, we’re going out on a limb to proclaim: Here are our picks of the most active towns in Canada, ranked. 2. Golden, British Columbia Total points: 19 Running and Hiking: 5    Biking: 5 Gyms and Studios: 4  Outdoor Sports: 5 There are some places that won’t settle for bronze. Golden, British Columbia, is one such place. Once you step on the soft dirt, the pine-infused air will remind you that no scented candle in your one-bedroom apartment matches this feeling of wild. There’s whitewater rafting on Kicking Horse River with expert guides from Glacier Raft Company, paragliding over the valley with Fly Golden, and summer mountain biking and hiking with winter snowmobiling and skiing at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Plus, it lands in the top10 list of cities with the most rock climbing gyms per capita (don’t miss Dogtooth Climbing). In other words, a trip Golden is the golden ticket to getting your body to move in ways it forgot. Read the full article

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