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New Toolkit Will Help Communities Host More Events

The Province of British Columbia today launched its new online hosting toolkit, providing communities and organizations with additional information on how to host events of all sizes.

This toolkit is another component of the five-year hosting strategy that was announced by the Province last year to promote British Columbia as a world-class hosting destination.

The resource will include important tools to assist sport, art and cultural event organizers through the various stages of event management.

Some of the resources found in the toolkit include:

  1. Self-Assessment Checklist – A simple checklist to provide potential event organizers with areas to consider prior to creating and submitting a bid.
  2. Sport Event Bid Package Preparation Tools – Tips to consider when developing a bid package that will attract sport events.
  3. Sponsorship Tools – Basic tips to help event organizers attract and maintain sponsors for an event.
  4. Volunteer Management Tools – Resource includes tips to consider when managing volunteers on topics such as recruiting, training, deploying and recognizing volunteers.
  5. Inventory of Facilities – Discover the sport and recreation assets of B.C. communities that can assist organizations in finding the perfect venue for an event.
  6. Marketing, Media and Communication Tools – Resources that will help promote the event, and provide guidance on working with the media to communicate with participants, volunteers and partners.

Future additions to the hosting toolkit will include an Economic Impact Assessment Tool that is currently under development. Once completed, it will provide organizers with the ability to predict and evaluate the economic impact of events, both before and after.

Community Sport Hosting Network:

The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development will also reinvigorate the Community Sport Hosting Network. This network will help organizations:

  • Work together to continue building an event hosting culture throughout the province and promote British Columbia as the event hosting destination of choice.
  • Strengthen the working relationship between the Government of British Columbia and communities and organizations interested in event hosting.
  • Develop collaborative relationships across the Province to share best practices and facilitate knowledge transfer as appropriate.
  • Build capacity within communities for hosting successful events.

Organizations interested in becoming part of the Community Sport Hosting Network can send an email with details of their contact information to: [email protected]

For more information on the new hosting toolkit for sport, art or cultural events click here

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