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New Year, new approach

2018 is looking up. After years of determined resilience, cautious optimism is on the rise as we witness the Alberta economy re-emerge. It’s a different landscape, and so many entrepreneurs and operators are shifting to take advantage of a more diversified economy and new, formerly unexplored opportunities. We at Travel Alberta are embracing this shift as well, using the New Year as an opportunity to improve the way we share information and market intelligence.

The Travel Alberta industry website is undergoing a redesign to better meet the needs of our diverse industry, and better align with the Alberta tourism brand. Thanks to all of our industry partners that volunteered their opinions, time and expertise to guide the design of the project – the Team Alberta connection is one we value highly as we look to improve information sharing, market intelligence and industry support. Remember to subscribe to all Travel Alberta business information so you don’t miss out on events, news and the launch of the new website later this spring. Happy New Year Team Alberta!

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