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Panama Removes All Entry Restrictions

Panama became the latest country to announce it is dropping its COVID-related travel restrictions.

As pointed out by the website Travel Off Path, Panama will welcome tourists again with no vaccine requirements, no pre-departure tests, no post-arrival tests, and no quarantine once visitors have landed in the country.

It’s a welcome piece of news for Panama, one of the most underrated tourist destinations in Latin America. Panama is far more than just hosting the technological wonder of the Panama Canal, although the Canal is the No. 1 tourist attraction in the country and is a site to behold especially when you’re on a cruise ship passing through it.

Panama is also home to:

-Playa Las Lajas is an eight-mile long beach that is both relaxing and a great place to surf.

-Pearl Island gained international popularity when it was featured on the hit reality show “Survivor.”

-The Amador Causeway might be the best viewing spot in the country to watch the ships pass through the Panama Canal.

-Santa Catalina is a nature lover’s dream, with a gorgeous beach surrounded by the jungle.

-Coibalaszlo is there you go to commune with the water and marine life. It has more than 800 species of marine life.

In addition to lifting most of its visitor requirements, Panama took baby steps back to normalcy when it rescinded the mandatory usage of face masks in July.

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