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Read the signs: stay high and dry at Peggy’s Cove

Anyone who has visited Peggy’s Cove will tell you: stay away from the black rocks.

The area closest to the frigid waters surrounding one of Atlantic Canada’s most iconic landmarks is notoriously dangerous, particularly when waves are high. However, as a high-traffic tourist spot, not everyone taking in the sights seems to understand the danger.

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“We didn’t notice any signs or read any signs that told us about the black rocks or the dangers up here,” said Karen Brunett, who was visiting from Kingston, Ont.

Just days prior, a young boy was swept into the water before luckily being hauled out by a brave bystander.

Scenarios like this one play out often. The park is known to welcome thousands of visitors each year, but the trip doesn’t always end well for tourists.

One local tour boat captain has suggested creating a memorial plaque with the names of those who lost their lives after getting too close to the water at Peggy’s Cove.

Some visiting the lighthouse agreed that steps should be taken to ensure everyone knows how dangerous it can be near the surging waves.

“The signs are on the road as you’re coming in to the lighthouse. I think it would be best if the signs were put closer to the rocks and the lighthouse, the sidewalk leading up to it,” explained Michelle Nichols, a resident of Texas who has visited Peggy’s Cove three times.

“Because once you get here you’re so excited to get up to the lighthouse that you really forget about everything else; you’re just looking to get that perfect picture.”

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