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Saskatchewan companies see over $3.7 million in total tourism relief funding


$3,755,465 in total federal funding is going to 19 Saskatchewan tourism projects around the province through PrairiesCan.

That’s according to a news release from PrairiesCan on Monday, adding that the money will help organizations and businesses in the tourism sector to meet public health requirements, offer new products and services, or attract more visitors and prepare for future growth.

“Today’s investment will support local economies and communities in Saskatchewan and help tourism operators to welcome visitors back in full force,” said Daniel Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan.

A full breakdown of the funding was given, and includes:

Randy Boissonnault, the Minister of Tourism of Canada, said they are working with Indigenous groups to build Indigenous tourism.

“Prior to the pandemic Indigenous tourism in Canada was the fastest growing sector of the tourism economy in Canada. We got up to about $1.9 billion in tourism, and then it was literally decimated,” said Boissonnault.

“When somebody comes and spends money in Saskatoon it’s found money. It literally gets booked in the books of Saskatchewan as an export, because the money that comes from another jurisdiction stays here in the local economy. So when we add it up across the country, the tourism sector is more important for the country than the auto sector.”


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