Friday , August 23 2019
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The World’s Booziest Destinations

When you think of vacation, does your mind conjure up a person drinking a beer on a deserted beach or sipping wine overlooking an incredible natural landscape? If you do, you are not alone.

A quick glance at Instagram shows that many people are on vacation to relax and imbibe. 

The folks at wanted to see how prevalent these images were and analyzed Instagram posts using the hashtags #VacationMode and #Vacay to see how many people were boozing it up on break. 

With Instagram as their guide, found that Portland was the booziest city in the world. 

With the city has become known for pub crawls and brewery themed walking tours, it comes as no surprise that nearly 10 percent of the photos of Portland using those hashtags featured alcoholic beverages.

U.S. cities rounded out the top five. Denver landed in the number-two spot with 8.5 percent of photos featuring booze. Naturally, New Orleans made the list. The city known for Mardi Gras came in at number three. Los Angeles was number four and Austin, Texas, came in at number five. 

Sweden and Canada rounded out the top 10, with Stockholm, San Diego, Montreal, Vancouver and Seattle making the list, in that order. 

While U.S. cities were featured widely in the top cities list, the States weren’t even in the top three when it came to booziest countries overall. 

According to the analysis, the number-one spot for global guzzling went to Sweden, with just over 5 percent of the photos featuring an adult beverage. Canada took the number two spot with almost 4 percent and third on the list was the Netherlands. The U.S. was number four, followed by Taiwan. 

The top 10 countries included Denmark, Austria, Spain, Vietnam and South Korea. also noted when people were most likely to pose with a drink in hand. Not surprisingly, spring and summer were the most popular times. Specifically, boozy images begin appearing toward the end of March traditionally and flow through August. 

Of course, you are probably also wondering which drinks were the most photogenic in the survey. Results indicate that Instagrammers were more likely to post photos of their cocktails—umbrella drink, anyone? The cocktail came in at the top, featuring in 36 percent of the pics. Shots of liquor, such as whiskey on the rocks, were number two and beer was number three, featuring prominently in 25 percent of the photos. 

While sharing drinks on social media is fun, if you are looking for likes, making your friends envious by posting pictures of your celebratory beverages aren’t as popular as you think. Photos of booze earned half as many likes as other pictures—guess that means, if you are only in it for the likes, better keep those margarita shots to yourself.

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