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Things to Do and See in Annapolis, Maryland


Annapolis is only about eight square miles; giving visitors tons of options without having to travel too far between experiences once they arrive, making it the perfect destination for a day-trip or long weekend.

For the history buffs, Annapolis served as the country’s national capital of the United States from 1783-1784 is filled with 18th-century brick homes, and offers self-guided tours of the 1700s-era State House as well as other historical destinations of significance.

This city is also a boaters dream, and many sail into port and dock to discover the town, taking advantage of the water taxis and meeting friends for dinner in Ego Alley, a popular stretch of the inner harbor that allows boats to dock and explore.

With breezy boutiques, artisan shops, a city market with fresh local produce, pubs featuring locally sourced seafood, wine, and beer, there’s something for everyone in Annapolis.


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