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This Photo-Editing Service Will Fake Your Vacation Photos


In the social media age, proving you went on vacation is arguably more important than actually going. Nebraska-based photo editing service Fake a Vacation is yet another example.

Yes, it’s exactly what the name suggests. For as little as $20, users can purchase a package of photos they can then use to trick their friends and followers into thinking that they actually went on a trip.

Fake a Vacation will even educate you on the destination you chose so you can answer people’s questions like an expert.

Available destinations include Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls and Orlando.

“Wanting to be near a waterfront and could not go. No worries fake a vacation is here to help. Get pictures showing you were at Hawaii enjoying the sun and sand beach. Pictures show you relaxing at the beach at Maui trying local food and drinks. Stretching out in warm, golden sands or hitting the surf for an unforgettable windsurfing or snorkeling session,” the company’s website states.

“Get ready to make your friend resent of where you are. Let the imagination run wild.”

While the concept is cringe-worthy, there’s clearly a demand for fake vacation photos. According to a recent study conducted by flight cost-comparison Jetcost, 14 percent of American adults have lied to others about their vacations. What’s more, 10 percent have gone so far to post a fake photo on social media.

Last month, a Bankrate.com report found that as many as 39 million Americans will forego time off this summer because of financial limitations, with 44 percent of those people indicating they would skip vacation to handle day-to-day bills.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to travel on a tight budget.


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