Thursday , December 3 2020
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Tourism Ad Shows Dogs Need Vacations Too

Tourism boards are expanding their ad targets to now include man’s best friend, or at least one in Australia is.

Visit Victoria released a tourism ad for dogs. The short video showcases dogs exploring various areas in Victoria like the beach, a trendy alleyway with red umbrellas, and a winery.

The content was curated by local “pet-fluencers” like ChandlerThePug and Tom+Captain, and was optimized in the video for a dog’s vision and hearing.

Visit Victoria’s ad highlights how important travel can be for dogs, too.

Dr. Kate Mornement, dog behaviouralist and pet psychologist, said in a statement: “A short break away can have many of the same physical and mental health benefits for a dog as it would their owner.”

“A new environment is not only stimulating and enriching for a dog but quality time together with a weekend away provides an opportunity for physical exercise, further develop social interaction, strengthen the bond and relieve stress.”

While your dog may appreciate the ad, the focus of this campaign was to reach dog-owning travelers in Victoria who want to discover new places with their pets.

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