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Tourist Industry Is Back in Latin America

Latin America celebrates the National Hispanic American Heritage Month with good news for its tourism industry which is beginning to show signs of recovery, and in some cases, such as Puerto Vallarta, a Mexican destination known as the Green Pearl of the Pacific, there is no longer talk of recovery but growth when, in August, it surpassed by 38 percent the arrival of domestic and international tourists that it had in 2019.

Meanwhile, recovery in Central, Caribbean, and South America has increased international flight arrivals by 26 percent during 2022, according to a report from ForwardKeys, an important tourism industry data provider.

One of the factors that have contributed to the attraction of Latin American destinations to world tourism is that there are many places where travelers can make experiences outdoors and in rural communities away from the noise of large urban centers.

The pandemic accelerated the trend of a type of traveler concerned with sustainable tourism and seeking experiences in nature with options for rustic accommodation and boutique hotels.

For this segment of travelers, the geography of Latin America has been ideal for its wide range of activities in national parks and protected areas in a wide variety of ecosystems, from deserts to mountains and lush jungles. While the industry’s recovery in the region is still underway, it has proven to be a favorite for a new generation of tourists who join traditional travelers.

It is no accident that countries like Chile, Peru, and Ecuador have been recognized as the best destinations on the planet in the World Travel Awards, in categories such as Adventure Travel, Romantic Destination, Cultural City, and Emergent City (Montevideo, Uruguay), among others.

A study presented by Juan Manuel Chávez, a contributor to the Spanish online educational institution OBS Business School, indicates that Latin American travelers saved enough during the pandemic to now take revenge trips in the region.

In addition, the driving forces for the different Latin American destinations have been travelers from the United States and Europe looking for fun on the beaches of the Caribbean as well as enjoying ecotourism experiences and local cuisine.

The study of OBS Business School says that a report from Booking.com highlights that, after the pandemic, tourists from Latin America are eager to spend their savings on the first travel opportunity presented to them. Especially travelers from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.

Latin America and the Caribbean are back and with very good prospects of recovery of their tourism industry with more and more travelers, not only within the region but with the aim set in European cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, London, and Paris, after air connections between the two continents have begun to be restored.

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