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Trent University students can explore Peterborough (and win prizes) by playing bingo


Trent University students are being encouraged to play a round of bingo, but this game has a bit of a twist.

Each square on the recently launched “Discover Peterborough” bingo card directs participants to a location on campus or in Peterborough’s downtown.

“It’s an opportunity for Trent University students to discover all of the amazing things to do in and around Peterborough,” said Trent University community relations manager, Ruth-Ann Dafoe.

“Students will be traveling between campus and downtown locations to complete different bingo card activities,” she said.

Once you complete two rows on your card, you can enter for a chance to win downtown gift cards via The Boro, an online hub promoting local businesses.

“It is a great opportunity for students to get out and about and explore our local community, try out new restaurants, visit local shops,” said Jaimie Eastabrook, a visitor experience officer with Peterborough & The Kawarthas Tourism.

“We want our students to be ambassadors for the region, not just during the school year, but beyond graduation and share with their family and friends all of the great things about Peterborough and The Kawarthas,” she said.

Peterborough & The Kawarthas Tourism, along with The Peterborough Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) have partnered up on the program.

Hillary Flood, communications manager for Peterborough DBIA, said having students back in the region is important for downtown businesses.

“We really felt it with COVID, when the students left, there was a huge hole in the downtown,” Flood said.

“We weren’t seeing that foot traffic. So we are really excited to have the students back this year and we couldn’t have thought of a better idea than a bingo scavenger hunt where they can explore all of the cool and kooky things that make the downtown so special,” she said.

Examples of bingo tasks include stopping for a coffee at The Silver Bean, a popular cafe and snap a selfie at Watson and Lou, a unique gift shop. Tasks also include taking public transit and visiting different buildings on campus.

“We kept all of the tasks low cost or free for the students,” Dafoe said.

Fourth year Trent University student Stephanie Spencer said it is important for students to get to know the community.

“You can’t be on campus forever,” she said. “It is good to know where you’re going and to interact with the community for however long you’re at Trent.”

Vandana Narine, a fifth year student, agreed. She added that being a part of the community is all part of the post-secondary experience.

“I think especially at Trent, the whole appeal is that you are part of the community,” she said. “There are so many hidden nooks and people that you want to get to know and this is a great way to do that.”

Bingo cards are available on campus at Residence Service Centres (LEC 211 and GCS 212), Trent Central Student Association, Trent International and college offices.

For more information you can visit the Trent University website.


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