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Visit Tampa Bay Launches Largest Out-of-State Winter Campaign


Visit Tampa Bay has announced its largest out-of-state winter marketing campaign in its history. The immersive, innovative campaign targets domestic and major international markets with more than $2 million in paid advertising along with public relations, social media and premier activations.

Leveraging the Tampa Bay Effect showcasing the destination’s active adventures with a relaxing vibe, the campaign will run from January through April 2023.

Based on independent research, the media will focus on the most opportunistic markets such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas and Washington D.C. International markets include the U.K., Germany, Mexico and Latin America.

“Marketing works and we continue to innovate for the tourism industry. Our success in record-breaking visitations only fuels us to achieve even more results for our partners and the community we serve, and that is why we continue to discover innovative ways to market Tampa Bay as a premier destination,” Santiago C. Corrada, President and CEO of Visit Tampa Bay, said in a statement. “When travelers are ready to escape the cold weather, Tampa Bay is here for them, with our sun-drenched outdoor activities, beautiful bodies of water, world-class hospitality, and authentic history – all of which make this area relaxingly dynamic.”

Tampa is the first destination to take over the World Trade Center and 33rd Street train stations in New York City. These populated landmarks will showcase over 200 Tampa Bay ads providing a ray of sunshine for New Yorkers during dreary winter months.

Visit Tampa Bay also returns to New York’s Hudson Yards with large-scale video ads and more than 155 posters on Amtrak’s Acela and Northeastern trains.

In Chicago, exterior wallscapes and digital posters will be seen in North Side neighborhoods, including River North, Lincoln Park and Lakeview. Boston’s centrally located downtown South Station will feature dynamic video on unique single and triple screens.

In an ongoing partnership with Carvertise, “Flex Wrap” products will feature branding on premium Uber and Lyft vehicles in top domestic target markets.

Taking the immersive campaign further, consumers can experience the glistening waters of Tampa Bay with playful dolphins on their phones activated through a QR code on the posters.

MobileFuse will take messages into consumers’ homes through digital phone ads. Video ads can be accessed through television streaming services like Roku. And 30-second TV commercials will bring the destination to more than 19.8 million viewers.

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