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Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance for These Spring Break Vacations


Are you taking a spring vacation? You won’t be alone. Inflation is not deflating travelers’ desires to travel for spring break and people are busy planning their next getaways.

In fact, data shows that flight searches for March and April travel are up 40 percent, and many people are looking to warm up after a cool winter in tropical locales.

Some of the most popular spring break trips include cruises, beach resorts, hiking and adventure-style vacations as well as going farther afield abroad.

With so many travelers packing their bags, the one thing you should be sure not to leave home without is travel insurance.

Take a Cruise

There are so many amazing spring break cruises to take this year. Travelers can embark on an adventure from any number of ports around the U.S. or head to Europe for an early river cruise. While cruising has made a full comeback following the COVID-19 pandemic and sailing is safer than ever, it’s still a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected. International Medical Group’s (IMG) family-friendly plans provide coverage for domestic and international destinations and include trip cancellation benefits and trip interruption benefits.

Book Your Favorite Beach Resort

Headed to the beach? Pack up your iTravelInsured Essential plan along with your beach towels and sunscreen. This cost-effective insurance plan from IMG features a trip cancellation maximum benefit up to 100% of the trip cost, and a trip interruption maximum benefit up to 125% of the trip cost and is perfect for a spring break vacation.

Adventure Into the Wild

Adventure travel continues to boom with the desire to travel to far-flung destinations in the U.S. and abroad growing every year. Climbing Kilimanjaro, wildlife expeditions, hiking Patagonia—everything is on the table for today’s adventure enthusiasts.

IMG’s iTravelInsured Travel Sport is the ideal coverage for these travelers. This plan is built for travelers heading out into the wild with key benefits such as search and rescue, natural disaster evacuation, and sports equipment rental reimbursement included.

Expect the Unexpected

No matter where your travels this spring are taking you, with the current state of travel delays, it’s smart to have protection now more than ever.

Even if you are just booking a simple beach vacation or heading off on a cruise, these days you just never know what could happen. IMG travel insurance plans protect travelers if something does occur such as FAA systems going down or flights being canceled. Weather events frequently disrupt flights or cruises, and traveling farther afield into the wilderness provides its own set of obstacles. Protecting your trip won’t always alleviate every inconvenience but it will help smooth out some of the bumps in the road along the way.


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