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WTTC Encourages Travelers to Share Their Stories

To celebrate World Tourism Day, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) looked at how tourism transforms the world, which is the theme of its new campaign: “Transforming our World.”

“Travel and tourism is a remarkable sector; it brings people from different backgrounds, culture and beliefs closer together, driving peace, in addition to the significant socioeconomic benefits to a country’s welfare and local livelihoods,” said Gloria Guevara, president and CEO, WTTC.

The campaign focuses on the firsthand stories of people in the tourism sector who talk about how the industry has changed their world or how they use travel to transform other people’s views. 

“I believe there is a real value in storytelling and as a sector, this is something we can do better,” said Guevara. “Sharing a story is powerful, inspirational and educational. Through our campaign, I encourage other people and organizations within travel and tourism to share their story too.”

The firsthand accounts the WTTC is sharing come from around the world, including Botswana, China, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, and the U.S. They cut across the generations and socioeconomic boundaries discussing topics of education, community, nature and wildlife.

Travelers are encouraged to share their own stories during the campaign. Participants’ narratives will be shared on social media and could be part of a special exhibition taking place during the WTTC’s Global Summit in Buenos Aires in April of next year. 

The WTTC also noted that travel and tourism is one of the key ways to create sustainable societies. Sustainable travel was the theme of this year’s World Tourism Day.  

“Travel and tourism have a huge role to play in sustainable development, whilst on an average global level the sector generates over 10 percent of the world’s GDP and supports 1 in 10 jobs, these figures can be, and often are, a lot higher and denser on a local level,” noted Guevara.

“When done well—which means growing travel and tourism in a sustainable and inclusive fashion—tourism is a catalyst for job creation, community development, environmental protection and economic growth.”

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