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15 Best Places To Taste The Saskatoon Culinary Scene


Haven’t heard of Saskatoon? Most people haven’t. Located about 300 miles north of Montana, it’s quickly rising in popularity thanks to landing the number 18 spot on the New York Times 52 Places to Go in 2018 list. In addition to the opening of the Remai Modern, the recently opened modern museum that’s put this obscure Canadian destination on the art map thanks to its impressive Picasso linocut collection, Saskatoon has a burgeoning culinary and craft drink scene.

Known as “the bread basket of Canada”, Saskatchewan (Saskatoon’s province) is home to 44 percent of the country’s farmlanda major reason why this city’s eateries and bars offer some of the freshest seasonal ingredients around. Not to mention “Top Chef Canada” season one winner, Dale Mackay, founded three well-received restaurants here.

From multi-course meals incorporating locally foraged herbs and produce to authentic perogies at what could be the only perogie drive-thru in the world, here’s our list of top spots to eat and drink while in Saskatoon, Canada.


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