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CheapOair announces predictions for 2018 travel trends

NEW YORK – CheapOair, the leading flight-focused hybrid travel agency, has announced its travel trend predictions for 2018. By analyzing year-over-year data, and taking factors into consideration such as the economy, demographics of travelers, airline trends, and more, CheapOair is anticipating some interesting travel developments for the New Year.

According to recent reports by the FAA1, industry revenue in 2017 is expected to finish out with about a 4% increase. CheapOair predicts that in 2018, the travel industry can expect to see even more growth that could approach 6%. With this growth and with travelers constantly looking for new ways to save money on airfare, fare unbundling will become more popular among both legacy and low cost carriers alike, giving travelers complete control over what benefits they are willing to pay for and omit, in order to find the cheapest prices for their flights.

Another trend that will continue to develop throughout 2018 is the rise of low-cost international travel, with International Basic Economy options. Three of the six legacy carriers have completed the implementation of Basic Economy on domestic routes which will continue to drive down market prices. Moving into 2018, some are expected to add these fares to international routes as well to compete with the rise of international low cost carriers.

Following the entrance of a new air carrier into the market, Hawaii will be a destination to look out for in 2018, with fares expected to be as low as $300 from the West Coast. Travel to Central America is expected to continue increasing as well, according to CheapOair’s booking data, as traveler numbers to destinations like Honduras and Nicaragua are up more than 70% over the past 5 years. Additionally, it’s likely that travel brands will be using their mobile apps for more than just booking – focuses on unique elements such as trip planning tools, and check-in/check-out features will be a highlight in 2018.

By consistently monitoring travel trends, CheapOair’s mission is to educate and aid consumers and travel professionals in both planning their travel accommodations and staying current on the most popular destinations.

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