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City of Kelowna Council Says ‘Yes’ to New RV Park

A family who wants to have a RV park on their land is one step closer to it becoming a reality.

On February 16th a public consultation happened at Kelowna City Hall, where mayor and council listened to staff as well as the applicant about the proposed urban farm on KLO Road. The public also had the chance to speak their minds about the application.

The farm is owned by the Lintell family. The family is asking the City to allow for an agri-tourism section to be built on the farm. This would include a 10 site RV park.

Staff are against the proposal because in the current zone permits a maximum of five units are allowed on a farm that big.

“Staff were obviously opposed to the application. Staff believe that there had to be farming first on the property, and secondly they were applying for twice as many RV units. They were applying to improve the number from five to ten. The bylaw only allows five RV units, so those were staff concerns,” said Todd Cashin, suburban and rural planning manager with the City of Kelowna.

During the January 11th regular meeting of council Tyler Lintell spoke to councillors about the proposal. Currently the farm has about 7.7 acres of hay production, a single family home, a two storey structure, a tennis court, and another barn.

The family is also hoping to build a partnership with another local farmer to create a vegetable garden and a berry production.

The Tuesday evening public consultation was nearly three hours long. Cashin said the council chambers were half full, which is a good turnout.

Cashin said the application is now sitting at second and third reading. The Lintell family has a list of conditions they must meet in order to get final approval. Basran, who previously voted against the application changed his mind and voted in favour of the 10 unit park. Five other councillors as well agreed that this park can go ahead.

Final approval will happen during a Monday city council meeting.

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