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Coast-to-coast walking trail coming to Canada in 2017

A trail that connects 15,000 communities across Canada is coming in 2017.

It’s called “The Great Trail” and it will be a pathway spread along 24,000 kilometres of Canada’s natural beauty. It will be the world’s largest network of recreational trails from coast-to-coast once completed!

“To follow the horizon along The Great Trail is to discover the beauty of Canada. Its vanishing point leads us across our country, through the wild, the rural and the urban, by waterways, roadways and footpaths,” the website explains.

Whether you’re looking for a place to hike, bike, paddle, horseback ride or ski, you can experience that all on this Canadian trail.  Watch video “The Great Trail – Connecting Canadians”

This project started in 1992 and with the help of donors and sponsors, it’s becoming a reality, just next year for Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.

The trail will be a free resource open to anyone who is wanting to explore the country. On the Great Trail Website, there is an interactive map that shows where the trail will connect.

You can donate any amount of money online to help make the project a reality.

So far 87 per cent of the trail is connected. That means 20,770 kilometre throughout 13 provinces and territories.

Now, who is ready to explore this beautiful country?

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