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Ajax partners with Curaçao Tourist Board

Dutch soccer team, Ajax, and the Curaçao Tourist Board have reached an agreement to work together as partners.

The deal will continue through to 2023.

For the first time in the team’s history, the Ajax shirt will be featuring a partner logo on the sleeve.

The Curaçao Tourist Board will also be using various channels to promote the island as a tourist destination among the team’s millions of supporters.

Curaçao minister of economic development, Giselle Mc William, explained: “Tourism is an important pillar of Curaçao’s economic development, and this cooperation with Ajax is a great way to tell our Dutch and international target groups more about Curaçao as a diverse holiday destination.

“We have many years of experience doing sports marketing worldwide and a partnership with Ajax, with its international reach and focus on future generations fits well with our objectives.

“We look forward to an excellent collaboration and are excited to receive the team in Curaçao, so that they can see for themselves how many new experiences await them on our island.”

In addition to the visibility generated by means of a logo on the shirt, the agreement also includes a visit by Ajax to Curaçao.

Additionally, an Ajax legends team will be traveling to Curaçao, and numerous promotional events will be organised on the island during the visit.

Menno Geelen, commercial director of Ajax, added: “For Ajax, this partnership with the Curaçao Tourist Board means a welcome expansion of our commercial portfolio.

“Ajax and the Curaçao Tourist Board will be working to ensure that, through collaboration, the marketing objectives are achieved.

“At the same time, this new partnership represents a source of income that will contribute towards Ajax’s goal of becoming a regular part of the top soccer clubs in Europe.

“We look forward to a long-term and successful collaboration.”

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