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Costa Rica Tourism Board welcomes uptick in UK guests

The latest figures from the Costa Rica Tourism Board show that 78,562 visitors from the UK travelled to the destination in 2019 – representing an increase of 5.7 per cent on the previous year.

The United Kingdom retains its position as Costa Rica’s second largest source market in Europe.

This steady growth is a reflection of the upward trend in UK visitors to Costa Rica that has been seen in the last few years, enhanced by the launch of the direct flights from British Airways from London to San José, Costa Rica’s capital city, in April 2016.

Other European countries that have seen an increase in visitors in 2019 are Germany (80,580; up 8.1 per cent), France (77,013; up four per cent), Spain (69,745; up 1.6 per cent) and Italy (30,196; up 3.5 per cent).

Rob Wilson, UK representative of Costa Rica Tourism Board , commented on the figures: “We are thrilled to see how UK travellers continue to choose Costa Rica as one of their preferred holiday destinations in Central America.

“The tiny country delights and surprises people every time they visit: from adrenaline-rush adventures to wellness and relaxation, without forgetting the nature and wildlife, which is built into Costa Rica’s DNA.

“The country’s dedication to sustainable tourism is also a key driver for today’s traveller.”

In total, Costa Rica welcomed 3,139,008 worldwide visitors in 2019, a 4.1 per cent upsurge compared to 2018.

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