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Couple tries to skip out on restaurant bill thinking ‘all-inclusive’ meant ‘island-wide’

RHODES — It’s amazing what a wristband can get you at an all-inclusive resort. Everything from premium drinks to gourmet food and loungers on the beach are at your disposal with one simple flash of the wrist. But one couple on holiday in the Greek island of Rhodes put a little too much stock into their plastic bands, thinking that their all-inclusive benefits extended well beyond the resort.

According to both The Mirror and The Sun, a Brit couple enjoyed dinner one night at a local tavern in Hippocrates Square in the Old Town of Rhodes. They were so impressed by the food and service that they even complimented the owner. But when it came time to pay the bill, the couple had skipped out of the restaurant without a care in the world.

The owner followed them out and gently reminded them to pay their bill, to which they responded with a flash of their all-inclusive resort wristbands. Turns out, they truly believed that their all-inclusive resort privileges extended island-wide!

The couple eventually agreed to pay up after making a short trip to retrieve some cash. Unbelievably, the owner of the restaurant claims this was not an isolated event. He told local news site Dimokratiki that other tourists have made the same mistake, presumably due to the expansion of all-inclusive holidays in the area.

Here’s a familiar scenario: a couple comes into a travel agency. They’re newly engaged and can barely contain their excitement about booking a destination wedding. They know all about the cost …

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