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Depachika Food Hall to open in Nakheel Mall

Dubai is set to welcome Depachika Food Hall, a Japanese culinary sensation, this month.

Opening its doors at Nakheel Mall located on Palm Jumeirah, the word ‘depachika’ is a combination of the Japanese word ‘depa’ – meaning department store – with the Japanese word ‘chika’ – meaning basement.

It will feature first wine shop in Dubai, with a tasting room offering a range of drinks available to anyone who carries an alcohol licence.

A depachika is a basement-level food hall located in Japan’s many department stores, often attached to train stations.

Carrying an array of cuisine from delicatessen-style goods and gourmet treats to ready-to-eat food and beautifully packaged gifts, this epicurean dream is about to come to life in Dubai.

The majority of the outlets at Depachika are home grown brands backed by local artisans and conceptualised by break-through talents.

Outside of dining and retail locations, guests can bring their inner chef to life at the Depachika Cooking Studio which offers tailored cooking classes, team building and kids’ activities, workshops.

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