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European Summer trips return to pre-pandemic levels for first time

ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. – More US tourists are heading to Europe this summer than any other destination. According to travel insurance aggregator,, travel to European countries is approaching, and in some cases, surpassing levels that haven’t been seen since 2019.

Squaremouth analyzed travel data to reveal the current trends that are shaping summer travel this year.

European Summer Travel Returning to Normal
Prior to the pandemic, Europe comprised roughly 50% of all summer trips insured through Squaremouth. This figure eventually fell to around 11% mid-pandemic, during the summer of ‘21.

This year, travel to Europe peaks in September at 51%, and then again next summer at 52% of all trips booked.

European Countries Regain Popularity
Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, and Ireland have historically been the most popular European countries during the summer months. According to data from, more travelers are insuring trips to Italy and Greece than pre-pandemic years, while the UK and Germany appear slightly less popular than they were in 2019.

European Trips Cost Most Than Pre-Pandemic
The average cost of a summer trip to Europe this year is $7,819, according to This is over $1,000 more than it was prior to the pandemic, with the cost averaging $6,709 in 2019.

International Travel on the Rise This Summer
At the height of the pandemic, more travelers stayed within the US than ever before. Squaremouth reported a near 50/50 split between travelers going abroad and staying stateside.

With the return of European travel this summer, international travel overall is almost back to normal, accounting for 79% of all trips insured on In comparison, 84% of summer trips in 2019 were to international destinations.

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