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Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant Now Taking Reservations

Norwegian restaurant Under will be Europe’s first underwater eatery and those clamoring for a seat at the table can now make a reservation.

The restaurant is expected to open its doors in April of 2019, and it’s no wonder that visitors are lining up to dine at the unique establishment. Located at the country’s southern tip, Lindesnes, the restaurant is a design marvel, resembling a rock formation rising out of the sea.

The establishment was envisioned by award-winning architect firm, Snohetta, with a monumental glass wall that provides panoramic views of the sea.

Visitors descend five meters to the sea floor where visitors glimpse fish such as huge cod, colorful lip fishes, lobsters in gladiator battles, seals, spiny dogfish (i.e. mini sharks), distinctive seaweed and kelp that changes by the season.

The menu will consist of locally sourced and inspired dishes, including fish, seabirds and wild sheep. The head chef at Under is named Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen, who helmed the acclaimed gourmet restaurant “Maltid” in Kristiansand city center.

In addition to a dining establishment, a research aspect is also part of the establishment. Lighting, sound and smell will be used to attract plankton or cod to the area—hopefully creating an ongoing “feast” for fish and diners alike.

“One of our main criteria is that our guests will get to experience something unique in the sea,” said Gaute Ubostad, a founder of the restaurant.

So if you are on your way to see the Northern Lights in Norway or explore Arctic Europe, swing on by Under for one of Europe’s most unique dining experiences.

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