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Galapagos Islands Win for Adventure

The Galapagos Islands is one of the most ideal vacation destinations in the world.

Exotic and unique, the islands are filled with intrigue for every type of traveler. The ease with which the destination can be explored is also part of its charm.

Couples will find cozy lodging with stunning scenery; adventure-lovers will be wooed by wild creatures and adrenaline-filled pursuits like scuba diving or snorkeling; and those looking to just relax will have crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and more at their fingertips.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder the islands were lauded for being the Best Expedition/Adventure Destination-International at this year’s Travvy Awards, held January 24, 2018, at New York’s Gotham Hall.

In addition to being honored as an adventure destination at the Travvy Awards, the archipelago has been recognized as a top beach destination, a top family destination and a top eco-friendly destination as well as one of the world’s best cruise destinations. The islands were also honored by the World Travel Awards for being South America’s Leading Beach Destination.

For those looking to experience the Galapagos, cruising is one of the easiest ways to take in the islands. A cruise can take visitors farther in a more realistic timeframe, combining multiple islands and experiences into a one- or two-week journey.

It’s also easy to combine a journey through the Galapagos with a larger exploration of Ecuador as a whole, which is known for its stunning beaches, beautiful cloud forests and historic cultural centers.

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