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Get Your Adventure Travel on in Qatar


Qatar is a land full of ancient cultures, authentic traditions and plenty of adventure.

Create lifelong memories, meet new friends and experience new things in Qatar. After all, exploring new places and trying new things is what travel is all about.

The past meets present in Qatar, so be prepared for some truly unique experiences during your visit.

Visit Qatar today and try these adventurous activities.

Desert Adventures

How awesome would it be to ride a 4×4 through the desert? Venture on an off-road safari and speed over and around the dunes to get the adrenaline pumping.

Take in the spectacular Khor Al Adaid, or ‘Inland Sea’, watch the gorgeous sunset with loved ones or even set up camp for an overnight desert stay. Various tour operators set up Bedouin-style camps to have shelter for the night during their desert adventures.

Other activities in the desert include camel riding, sand boarding as well as driving a dune buggy or quad bike.

Dhow Cruises

For an authentic Qatar experience, take a trip on a Dhow cruise. Here you’ll get a sample of old world Qatar and their seafaring heritage.

Board a traditionally-shaped Qatari wooden vessel and soak in the beautiful views as you sail on the sea.

WATCH: Experience the Essence of Qatar

Full and half-day cruises are available through your hotel or a local tour operator. Most cruises include a meal on the trip and the ships have been modernized with updated amenities to enhance the overall experience.

Tours and Heritage Experiences

DohaBus operates a hop on, hop off service by double-decker which is great for getting around and seeing the city with ease.

Additionally, excursion tours are offered all over Qatar, so there are plenty of options depending on your interests. Tours focusing on local culture, sports and the outdoors are wonderful places to start.

Camel Racing at the Al Shahaniya track is very popular, as well as Arabian horse racing at the Al Shaqab centre. Other heritage experiences include traditional music and dances that feature wind instruments and drums.


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