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Grand Canyon West welcomes new zipline attraction

Grand Canyon West continues to add new experiences to thrill the more than one million guests who annually visit the west rim of natural landmark.

The latest addition to the home of Grand Canyon Skywalk? A pair of ziplines that will let adrenalin-seeking adventurers soar nearly 1,000 feet above the floor of a side canyon located amid the rim’s scenery.

The Zipline at Grand Canyon West consists of two “quad ziplines,” each with four steel cables running side-by-side in parallel formation, to allow groups to soar together nearly 1,000 feet above the floor of the canyon – at speeds approaching 50 miles per hour.

The first of the two lines measures about 1,100 feet in length.

The second line, set at a steeper grade, propels guests on a 2,100-foot-long downhill adventure of a lifetime, complete with views of nearby Quartermaster Canyon and rushing scenery above and below.

“We’ve had tremendous success with Grand Canyon Skywalk.

“Now we’re taking the west rim to a new level of excitement,” said Candida Hunter, chairwoman of the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation Board of Directors.

“The Zipline at Grand Canyon West gives our guests a unique adrenalin surge that will be one of the longest and most exciting ziplines found anywhere in the world.

“We see the zipline as the perfect complement to the exciting experiences we offer already, from venturing out on Skywalk 4,000 feet above the Canyon to the Hualapai Ranch tour to the Colorado River rafting and pontoon boats that Hualapai River Runners offers year-round.

“This is the right way to add to our ecotourism offerings and to strike the right balance between sharing Grand Canyon West with visitors and preserving the land and Hualapai culture.”

The Zipline at Grand Canyon West will be able to accommodate an estimated 350,000 visitors annually.

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