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Haciendas Are Ideal for Group Travel

A convention of Mexican Hacienda Owners shined a spotlight on the way they are perceived in the tourism industry.

According to a report in the Yucatan Times, about 90 percent of the country’s landowners met in Merida for a three-day conference focused on new ways for this historic properties to build revenue.

Owners of haciendas from various regions met at Hacienda Misne to discuss the ways in which they can promote and develop these accommodations and facilities to generate jobs and boost the tourism economy.

Panel discussions highlighted areas in which tourism could be developed for hacienda owners as well as practical concerns for owners opening up their venues. Talks ranged from topics on destination weddings to cultural patrimony, financing for haciendas and rural tourism and legal aspects of real properties encompassed by haciendas.

Dr. Roberto Chavez Ruiz Velasco, owner of Hacienda La Magdalena in Zapopan, Jalisco, told approximately 40 people attending a panel on destination weddings how his family used these celebrations to rescue the property, according to the Yucatan Times.

All haciendas have the potential to host weddings,” Chavez said. “You can even host simultaneous weddings. And a wedding brings people to your hacienda for several days, since the event typically involves at least three days of activities, including preparations, rehearsal dinner, the ceremony itself and after-parties,” he added.

In addition to panel discussions, tours to several local haciendas in and around Merida were part of the event.

Now is certainly the time for haciendas to capitalize on their meetings and groups capabilities. An increase in airlift has contributed to a boom in the MICE market within the country as a whole.

Keeping the tourism boom alive is top priority for Mexico Tourism officials as well.

“One of our primary goals for the U.S. and worldwide is to strengthen the image of Mexico as a top tourist destination for any and all travelers by emphasizing the diversity, quantity and uniqueness of our offerings, in addition to showing the world that Mexico is a warm and welcoming country,” said Hector Flores Santana, CEO of the Mexico Tourism Board.

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