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Holidays designed by kids are the adventures you wish you could go on


Lastminute.com and Ardleigh Green Junior School in Hornchurch, Essex, have collaborated to reveal what kids would include when asked to draw their dream holidays. Year 5 pupils at the school were asked to put pen to paper and explore what the perfect holiday would look like for them and their families.

The kids designed concepts like:

  • The Underwater Paradise Hotel: Where you can swim with mermaids and fruit spawns randomly so you always have plenty to eat. Most importantly, if you show up on Mondays, you have the chance to clean up rubbish and plastic to save the ocean – a very eco-conscious holiday!
  • A Fish Submarine: With easy access to riding dolphins, a kids club made to look like coral, and a portal directly to the nearest pineapple accommodation.
  • The Mount Everest Expedition: This holiday features not only the mountain itself, but also a sea conveniently adjacent to Everest, and a flying pig to take you to a cloud restaurant. Which has a sky-diving board.
  • The Donut Hotel, or Donutel: Partially submerged beneath the waves and made up of three structures joined by ziplines, this sweet place is perfect for foodies. The fish who play football underwater are a must-see.
  • Pirate Island: Here it’s hard to say whether the fire-breathing dragon, crashing asteroid, pirate ship, or three volcanoes are likely to destroy the area first. Definitely not a relaxing holiday, this experience is for the adrenaline junkies.

As well as the drawings themselves, lastminute.com has recreated some of the illustrations in 3D in order to see what they would look like in real life (or as close to real-life as pink, fluffy clouds that spell out “Hi!” can come). And given the frequent focus on sweets and desserts, some of them look good enough to eat.

Miss Georgina Holmes, Year 5 teacher at Ardleigh Green Junior School comments: “When we told the kids that lastminute.com had approached us and we were going to be working together on a project, they were all so excited about coming up with their dream holiday ideas.”

“Once pen was put to paper, they were left to their own devices and for their imaginations to run wild. We saw everything from a huge spaceship to lands inspired by sweet treats.”

Here’s what the children who designed the three holidays lastminute.com brought to life had to say about their artwork:

  • Daniel B, age 10: “The special thing about my holiday was my drawing pad, because my talent was drawing and I did my best work on it. I also did my best work on the little boat because ancient boats are very cool.”
  • Poppy J, age 10: “The thing that makes my holiday special is that it is giving an important message to dumping rubbish and plastic into the oceans as it is killing wildlife in there, and it needs to stop. So I created a holiday based on the situation, and hopefully one day all creatures in the sea won’t be poisoned by plastic and rubbish.”
  • Sophie H, age 10: “My inspiration was donuts because I do love donuts. I love how I had donuts and then a room with ladders climbing up to it.”

A representative from lastminute.com said: “When we’re children, there’s so much magic in the world, and a holiday can seem like an endless possibility of what you might see or do – from swimming at the bottom of the ocean to escaping volcanic flows to the safety of a giant doughnut.”

“It was an absolute delight to see how the kids from Ardleigh Green Junior School took the idea of their ideal holiday and just ran with it. Adults might realise that riding dolphins and cloud restaurants might be a bit tricky, but holiday-goers can still capture that magic by going on new adventures all over the world.”


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