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How small towns like Grande Cache are taking big steps in destination development

Alberta covers a lot of country outside of areas traditionally associated with tourism. The diversity of its people, its landscape and available experiences mean that this wide open space has room to grow as a globally recognized destination – but that requires investment.  
That’s why an economic boost is making tourism waves for the area surrounding Grande Cache. Since the December 2015 coal mine closure, once one of the biggest economic drivers for the town, Grande Cache has been working on regaining “The Road Back to Prosperity”. That road recently got a lot smoother with a grant of $325,000 from the Coal Community Transition Fund to help it diversify its economy. 
The Coal Community Transition Fund initiative supports a variety of municipalities, villages and special areas throughout Alberta where coal production is in decline. The fund supports economic development initiatives to transition from economic reliance on coal and diversify into other industries, such as tourism. As Travel Alberta seeks to grow tourism opportunities and experiences across the province – this is news worth celebrating.
Chief Administrative Officer Denise Thompson says the funds will be used to develop the area’s potential for tourism.
“The whole purpose of this granting program… is to take us from being so dependent on the resource-based industry to diversification. No matter what the price of oil is, or natural gas or coal, when you diversify you can create more stable, predictable, and measured economy.”
The Experience Development team at Travel Alberta is working with Grande Cache on developing a strategic direction for the destination and how to create effective and measurable tourism marketing strategies and campaigns for the right audience. 
Tourism operators, the County of Greenview and town of Grande Cache are taking advantage of an opportunity with the transition fund to invest in further destination development and overall awareness. If you are a new business operator in the Grande Cache area, and would like to promote your tourism business product and services, connect with Travel Alberta through the Industry website, and sign up now and become a part of the Travel Alberta ATIS resource hub.

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